Giraffe Window Cleaning

How to take great photos for a quote?

We know your time is valuable, that’s why we want to make the quoting process quick and as easy as possible.

We can estimate the cost to clean your windows by looking at photos or videos.  We can do this in a few ways;

  1. Send us a link to images you already have in a shared folder.
  2. Send us a link to any images /floorplans online which may have been when the property was listed for sale.  Please note if any structural changes have been made since the sale which would impact a clean.  
  3. Take photos or video and upload to out quoting form.  Making sure to get a clear view of any elevations.  The best photos are taken from outside, to avoid moving curtains, blinds and shutters back.  We can see most front side of properties on Google Maps, so be sure to include sides and the rear.

Bad examples of photos for quoting

The below 3 images show examples of photos which are quite difficult to quote.

  1. Photos taken on an angle.  It’s very difficult to see the type of windows , number of panes or if the window has screens.
  2. Photos of windows with blinds or curtains. It’s almost impossible to count the number of glass panes,  see screens or to see if it’s ground level or above.
  3. The final image also shows vertical blinds covering the glass and it obstructs the glass making it difficult to see if there are screens or if there are multiple panes of if they are one big pane.

Great examples of photos for quoting

The below 3 photos are examples of photos that show clear, non obstructed views of the windows and what the elevations are on the outside.

  1. You can see there are ground and 1st floor windows as well as some that can be accessed by a balcony.  The windows that can’t be accessed by the balcony or ground floor are charged differently.  You can also see which windows have screens.
  2. This is taken on a slight angle which shows a few windows which are on a different angle to the rest.  If you were to take a front on photo these glass panels would be missed.
  3. The last image shows an apartment which shows the external would be completed by a rope access technician and usually organised by the body corporate.  It does have a clear non obstructed view of the type of windows.

At the bottom of the Request a Quote form, there is a section where you can upload your photos or video.  Please check your file names are different when loading to avoid the same image being uploaded multiple times.

If you experience any difficulties with this process please email files to [email protected]