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Using a WFP to reach high windows

We service commercial buildings from 1 to 5 storeys high.  Companies that are dissatisfied with their inaccessible dirty windows. We provide a window cleaning service using a pure water system that scrubs and cleans your windows from the ground.  This saves time, money and is safer than using traditional ladders or extension poles, providing outstanding-looking glass.

Our professional window cleaners are highly trained and can take of any of the above commercial properties.  We use a variety of techniques to ensure that your windows are clean, clear and free from streaks.  

From traditional techniques using a mop and squeegee through to our environmentally friendly water fed pole system for those hard to reach places using pure water.

Maintaining your building is vitally important for people who are visiting your premises and for your staff.  A well maintained building provides a safe and comfortable place for all.

Having your windows cleaned regularly will ensure that the windows have a longer life span, it prevents the build up of insects and bugs, especially spiders, that love a good window to spin its web and lay its eggs. 

Having regular cleans also prevents the mineral build up on the glass that is caused from rain, leaking gutters and over spray from watering the garden.  Over time this causes water-stains on the glass.  It doesn’t look great when you are looking through the window and is costly to have them removed.

Running a business can be hard enough.  Getting in new clients and retaining ones you already have is one of the many challenges.  How your business is perceived to potential and existing clients is paramount.  Making sure your building, staff and the area around it is clean and presentable is just the beginning for a professional business.

I don’t know about you, but I can spot a business with dirty windows a mile off and it doesn’t give a great first impression.  Dirty finger prints, bird poop and general grime on windows will turn people off.   Can you think of a business with dirty windows you have been to recently that put you off?  Maybe one that is a little closer to home…maybe your business?

We can help.  

Let us save you time, money and the discomfort of dirty windows.  

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