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Are we a Good Fit ?

We are a premium window cleaning company and we understand we are not for everyone. 

I’m sure you have many questions in regards to your window cleaning booking.  Like, how do we pay? What do we need to do before you arrive?  This is why we have created ‘Are We A Good Fit?’ page.  We want to answer as many of your questions as we can, so you know what to expect when Giraffe Window Cleaning come to clean your home or property.

Whether you are a commercial or residential client, we want you to know what’s happening every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Window cleaning can start as low as $150.  For an average home you are looking at a range of $350-$600.  This depends on the type, location and how much dirt is on the windows.  You can check out this article ‘How much does window cleaning cost?‘ to know more.

You can pay by either cash, credit card, bank transfer or Apple Pay upon completion of the work. 

After the job has been completed and the payment has been processes we will generate a paid invoice and email or SMS it to you whilst we are still on site.

We use a combination of traditional window cleaning, which is using a squeegee and mop and WFP (Water Fed Pole), which is a pure water system.

Ideally, we would like to know 1-2 weeks in advance as we do get busy, especially in peak times in the lead up to Christmas.  Please contact us if you require an urgent window clean and we can try to accomodate in special situations.


We use a special carbon fibre pole in conjunction with our pure water fed pole system.  This gives us a reach of up to 5 stories.  This way we can safely clean your windows without the use of ladders in most cases.

Windows that are behind security screens that cannot be removed can be a challenge.  We do use a soap solution and pure water to clean these windows.  With that said, we cannot guarantee that these windows will be streak free. 

Please let us know if this is something that you require cleaning when we are quoting.

Yes, we do clean window tracks.  This is an extra service we charge on top of a general window clean.  Track cleaning does take longer than a window clean so we do charge accordingly.  

Please mention this on the contact form or to one of our technicians when quoting if you require this service.

Yes, we clean flyscreens.  This is an additional service to our general window cleaning.  

Please mention this on the contact form or to one of our technicians when quoting if you require this service.

Before our technicians arrive please move any furniture that is blocking access to the windows.  Any ornaments or personal effects that are easily damaged or of great value are to be placed somewhere safe.  We take all precautions necessary to prevent damage to personal property, but accidents do happen.

You do not need to remove any curtains or blinds, however some clients take the opportunity to clean these while their windows are being done to remove dust.

Meet us in the morning or leave a key.

Our technicians are more than happy to lock up your home and return a key to a neigbour or put in a safe place. 

We understand people have busy lives and we are more than happy to adapt to your busy schedule.

You don’t need to be home.


Depending on the number of windows, your window cleaning service can range between 2-6 hours on average.  Longer for large homes.

We mainly use good old washing up liquid. We generally don’t use any other chemicals.  If we need to, we may use a rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits.

Most residential clients require their windows cleaned every 3 – 6 months. However, this can vary depending on where your house is located or if there are children or pets in and around the home.  Traffic pollution, mold, salt spray, dirty hands or paws are all factors that contribute to the regularity of your cleans.

Other than standard window glass pane cleaning, we also provide track cleaning, fly and security screen cleaning, solar panel cleaning, pool fence & glass balustrade cleaning, commercial window cleaning.

On completion of your renovation or new build where there is a lot of cement, render, paint and other materials which require scraping to remove, there will be additional charges. Please ensure you mention this when you contact us for your quote.

Yes, we have $10 million Public Liability insurance and all workers are covered by QLD Workers Compensation Insurance. We are happy to provide the Certificates of Currency upon request.

Through our trusted partners we will arrange professional pressure washing which includes building, roof and driveway cleans.

We are based in Graceville, Brisbane, Queensland.  We service to about 20km radius.  Work outside of  this area will be on a case by case basis.Map of Brisbane with circle showing 25km radius from base.

Yes, We will work in light rainy weather.    However, if we are cleaning solar panels only, we will reschedule the work as it would be deemed dangerous to walk on the roof in the wet or if it’s windy. 

If it is thundering or lightening, we will reschedule your window cleaning for another day that suits you.

We will always wait to make the decision on the morning of your job.  We’ll then send you an SMS alert.

Yes, you may decide to get the external glass cleaned only.  However, for ultimate results we recommend having both internal and external glass professionally cleaned.  When a professional clean is completed on the external glass and not on the internal, you may notice streaks and smudges.

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