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Are you tired of Dirty, Hard-To-Reach Windows?

Look no further than our top-rated window cleaning service in Brisbane. There is nothing worse than a house or business with dirty windows.

It takes time to clean windows , and you probably don’t have the necessary skills or equipment, trying to save money by doing it yourself might sound like a great idea, but it can end up being harder than you think.

Save time, money, and your sanity by hiring our professional window cleaning company to handle all your glass cleaning needs.

Why Choose Giraffe Window Cleaning?

Enhanced Pride & satisfaction

Our window cleaning service will improve the appearance of your home or business, creating a welcoming environment that fills you with a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Renewed Joy & Serenity

Let natural light flood your space, filling it with warmth, brightness, and a renewed sense of joy. With our professional window cleaning service you'll enjoy the perfect view to uplift your mood and bring a sense of calm to you and your surroundings.

Stress-free Convenience

Relish the convenience of having your windows professionally cleaned, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you. Our reliable and efficient service takes the burden off your shoulders, freeing up your time and energy.

Our Window Cleaning Services

We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of professional services to enhance the appearance and cleanliness of your windows. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring you have clean windows.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

At Giraffe Window Cleaning, we understand that your windows’ interior and exterior need attention. Our Brisbane window cleaners use industry-leading techniques and specialized equipment to remove dirt, grime, and bee pollen from your glass, leaving you with sparkling windows.

using squeegee to clean soap suds off glass

Hard-to-Reach Windows

Using Water fed pole to clean second floor glass over a hedge

We are well-equipped to tackle even the most challenging windows that are difficult to access. Our team is trained in advanced window washing methods, using specialised tools and safety equipment to clean windows at any height, high-rise buildings, skylights, or any window that seems out of reach. No window is too high or too tricky for us to handle.

Residential Window Cleaning

Enhance the beauty of your home with our professional residential window cleaning. We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we take utmost care while cleaning your windows to ensure minimal disruption. Our team will leave your windows sparkling clean, allowing natural light to flood in and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

cleaning the bottom on window with a microfiber cloth

Commercial Window Cleaning

We cater to all your window cleaning needs, including offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. Our commercial window cleaning services are tailored to your business requirements, providing a pristine and professional appearance that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

Pool Glass Cleaning

Make your poolside experience even more enjoyable with our pool glass cleaning services. Our technicians will remove water spots, fingerprints, and other debris from your poolside glass, ensuring optimum clarity and a stunning view of your pool area.

worker leaning over to clean pool glass with a squeegee

Window Track Cleaning

window cleaner using a track brush to clean tracks

Dirty tracks can impede the smooth operation of your windows and detract from their overall appearance. Our will meticulously clean and remove any dirt, dust, or debris from your window tracks, ensuring they function flawlessly and look their best.

We understand the importance of maintaining clean and functional fly screens. Our specialists will carefully clean and remove any buildup or contaminants from your fly screens, allowing fresh air to circulate freely while keeping unwanted pests at bay. Check out our fly screen cleaning service to find out more

Glass Staircase Cleaning

Window cleaner leaning over glass staircase with mop to soap up glass

Don’t neglect the cleanliness of your staircases. Our dedicated team will diligently clean the glass panels and handrails of your staircases, providing a polished and hygienic environment.

Maximize the efficiency of your solar panels with our professional solar panel cleaning service. Our experts will remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can hinder the performance of your solar panels, allowing them to run more efficiently.

Client Testimonials

Read about what our happy clients have to say about getting their windows cleaned and the great service we provide.

What makes Giraffe window cleaning so special?

Premium Window Cleaning Solutions: Our window cleaning business utilises high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your windows, leaving them spotless and gleaming.

Customised Service Packages: We offer customised service packages tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require interior or exterior cleaning, one-time service or regular maintenance, we can create a plan that suits your requirements.

Expertise in Hard-to-Reach Areas: Our experienced window cleaners have the skills and specialised equipment to tackle even the most challenging areas, including high-rise buildings, skylights, and windows located in tight spaces. No window is out of our reach!

✅  Streak-Free Guarantee: We pride ourselves on providing streak-free cleaning, ensuring that your windows are left crystal clear and free from smudges or residue.

Time-Saving Convenience: By entrusting us with your window cleaning requirements, you can reclaim your valuable time. Our efficient and professional team will complete the job promptly, allowing you to focus on your priorities.

Window Expertise: We possess in-depth knowledge of various window types, including glass thickness, coatings, and specific cleaning requirements. With our expertise, you can be confident that your windows will be cleaned using the most advanced techniques. 

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans: We offer flexible and affordable maintenance plans to keep your windows in pristine condition throughout the year. Our scheduled cleaning ensure that your windows remain sparkling and well-maintained on a regular basis.

Attention to Detail: We believe in delivering meticulous results. Our dedicated team pays close attention to every detail, ensuring that all corners, edges, frames, and sills are thoroughly cleaned.


We cover it all! From small residential windows to high-rise buildings and storefronts, we provide top-notch window cleaning services.

Absolutely! Our team delivers comprehensive cleaning services for both the interior and exterior of windows, ensuring a crystal-clear view every time.

You should schedule professional cleaning at least twice a year for most residential properties. When it comes to  commercial properties, we recommend a fortnightly to monthly clean. However, different factors like the location of your property, surrounding environment, and personal preferences may require more frequent visits. Our expert team will work with you to determine the best window cleaning schedule for your unique needs.

Our equipment and trained professionals are fully equipped to safely clean windows on multi-story buildings and high-rise structures, so you can rest assured your windows will sparkle no matter how high your property is.

Yes, we’re committed to environmentally-conscious practices and use only eco-friendly products for our window cleaning services. You can enjoy spotless windows without harming the environment.

We’re fully insured to protect both our team and your property in the unlikely event of any accidents or damages. You can trust our team to deliver superior cleaning services with the utmost care and safety.

Our window cleaning technique involves using a combination of professional-grade equipment, such as squeegees, applicators, extension poles, Screen cleaner machine and water fed poles, along with safe and effective cleaning solutions. Our experts stand behind every job with a satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, we have experience in dealing with hard water stains and mineral deposits on windows. Our team utilizes specialized cleaning techniques and products to effectively remove such stains and restore the clarity of your windows. This service is a specialised add on and is not covered in a normal maintenance clean. 

Screen cleaning, frame cleaning, solar panel and pool glass cleaning are just a few of the additional services we offer to ensure a complete cleaning solution for your Home or business. We’ll help you enjoy your sparkling-clean windows in the best condition possible.

Our satisfied customers reflect the pride we take in our work. We would be happy to provide you with references or examples of previous cleaning projects we’ve worked on.  Also check out or facebook and google reviews.

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At Giraffe Window Cleaning At Giraffe Window Cleaning, we love what we do. There is nothing more satisfying, than seeing our customers overjoyed at their freshly cleaned windows. Most people don’t realise how dirty their windows can get until they have been professionally cleaned.

Having dirty windows reduces the enjoyment you have in your space. It can also cause damage to your glass and it’s not great for your health. Let our professional window cleaners give you a quote. Click the link below.

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